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Get to Know Me

One of my favorite activities is cooking.  I am in constant search of great taste and aromas.  I am a foodie with all the word’s nuances (from collard greens to brussels sprouts and from fried chicken to escargot!) and I have been a foodie since learning to cook in my Grandma Melissa’s kitchen as a little girl.

In addition to food, I'm really into architecture, nature, music, history, and film.

I love the beauty of architecture, mainly Victorian and Queen Anne styles and the brownstones of NYC.  

I especially love watching the emergence of buds on trees and plants in the springtime.  FUN FACT: NJ has more cherry trees than Washington, DC.

I love every genre of music, especially music that makes me move.  I was a dancer and dance instructor in a previous life.  

I have a deep interest in historical events that have affected people in a profound way.

I am a great movie fan, of course.  I have tons of movies to watch before voting for this year’s winners as a member of the academy.  VIEW THE SLIDE SHOW FOR MORE OF MY FAVORITES

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